LIASA HELIG Communique August 2016

Dear Colleagues

This week is a very exciting week for both HELIG and our country (municipal elections on 3 August). On Tuesday 2 August a call will go out where you will be invited to nominate fellow colleagues to serve within specific portfolios on the HELIG Committee for the term October 2016 to October 2018, with Ingrid Thomson as Chair. Each one of you is or can be a leader in his/her own right, but in the end we need a selected team to set the trend and give direction within higher education libraries. Thank you in advance for actively participating in this very exciting process, and keep an eye open for the call for nominations which will be going out tomorrow morning!

We will also be celebrating the role women played and continues to play this month. Wishing a special Woman’s Month and Woman’s Day (9 August) to all the librarian ladies out there! At the same time please think of and help empower women all over the world, when the opportunity arises.

Stand a chance to win two sponsored LIASA memberships for 2017! A HELIG Initiative

Have you diarized the date and time for the LIASA HELIG AGM yet? If not, it is 12 October 2016, 10:30-11:30. We hope that all HELIG members will be able to attend, because two LIASA HELIG members will stand the chance to each win a sponsored LIASA membership for 2017! Certain terms and conditions will apply, but the most important is that you are on the 2016 LIASA HELIG Voters’ Roll, and that you will be attending the HELIG AGM in person or by proxy on the day and during the time of the 2016 HELIG AGM. More on this exciting competition in our HELIG Communique for September 2016!

HELIG AGM Programme

You are most welcome to send any items you want to add to the HELIG AGM Agenda to the Secretary, Paulette Talliard at Also let me know should you want to add information to the annual HELIG report. This report will be shared during the HELIG AGM, and then on the LIASA web following AGM. We are looking for news on personalia, promotions, committees on which you served, scholarly publications, course attendance, presentations, formal studies, participation on international level, or any other HELIG achievements within your Branches. The 2015 HELIG report is online available.

Please also read the LIASA HELIG Constitution, and complete the motion form should you have any proposals for changes, which applies to HELIG specifically.

Due date: 15 September 2016

Widen your horizons with the International Peer Mentorship Programme for Librarians

Have you registered for the free international peer mentorship programme for librarians through the International Librarians Network yet? If not, you still have a few days left. The closing date is 7 August 2016. This programme provides the opportunity to librarians from all over the world to work with a peer on international level, to gain an international perspective to your work, stimulate new ideas, and to increase professional confidence.

According to Karen du Toit (ILN SA Ambassador and Senior Sound Archivist Afrikaans, SABC Media Libraries),  it is extremely helpful for own professional development, and it really gives insight in how much we are all struggling with the same issues world-wide!”

Kate Whittaker has also been involved in three rounds of this networked learning community, and she agrees that “it has been so interesting to communicate with colleagues working and living in such diverse spaces.”

We sincerely hope that we will have a huge number of SA librarians participating, because not only is it exciting to learn from others – it is also exciting to share our experiences with them! Holding thumbs for all who have applied to be part of this next round! Please let us know if you are accepted for participation, so that we can share the good news with colleagues.

Please click here to register (before 7 August 2016).

SA Librarians Day

During the past month libraries had the opportunity to celebrate SA Librarian’s Day. We’ve tried to keep up with all the Branch activities via social media, and hope that it was a memorable day for all.

The University of Pretoria celebrated it through sharing a video on YouTube. Well done UP colleagues with this great initiative! You can watch it on YouTube, or click on the link below.


South African Institutional Repositories making huge progress!

Institutional repositories play a huge role in preserving and displaying research output from South Africa, and at the same time it makes all research output accessible. IRs all over the world are ranked annually – during January and then during July. This ranking is published through the Ranking Web of Repositories. What can be observed from the July 2016 ranking is that repositories are growing – also on the African continent. Open Access has become the default, and the focus is now on data and linked data, and making data sets supporting research available as Open Access, so that it can be reused and scrutinized. Webometrics ranks repositories worldwide on the following: size, visibility, rich files, and persistent URLs. See how SA repositories benchmark against the rest by visiting the Webometrics page for African IRs. Stellenbosch University monitors the trends in ranking over the years on the SU Library Wiki.

Another exciting development of which repositories is one component, is the African Platform for Open Science. The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) will be working with the SA Department of Science and Technology, CODATA, ICSU, and other key stakeholders to establish this platform. The proposed foci of this programme will be:

  • Policy development and coordination (at various levels, regional, national, institutional etc)
  • Examining and making recommendations on incentives for open science
  • Coordinating and standardising training initiatives (for researchers, research support staff and managers)
  • Conducting a data infrastructure roadmapping exercise (cloud and open source solutions)

If all goes according to plan, this platform will be launched by the Minister of Science and Technology, Ms Naledi Pandor, during the upcoming Science Forum 8-9 December.

DATAD will in future be co-hosted between the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the Association of African Universities (AAU). To be considered for inclusion, all SA and African institutional repositories will need to adhere to very specific criteria. More on DATAD will be shared during the DATAD Conference in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (24-26 August 2016).

Digitally preserving LIASAs Institutional Knowledge/Memory

On Friday 29 July a webinar was presented on how all Branches and Interest Groups can assist with populating the LIASA Document Archive with LIASA related content. It includes everything compiled over the years, after it has been digitized. We would like to call on all to help with this process, from which all will benefit tremendously. All files will be indexed, which means we will be able to retrieve even the most detailed information since the full text will be searchable.

Newly appointed and current Branches and Interest Groups, as well as other structures within LIASA (Standing Committees, Publications) can visit the following to learn how to go about to submit content to the LIASA Document Repository (access requests can be emailed to

Thank you for assisting with crowdsourcing this digital archive!

Recordings of webinars presented by LIASA and HELIG online available
LIASA recorded webinars offer a convenient way to learn in your own time. If you have missed any of the LIASA or HELIG webinar presentations during the past two years, you can access it from the LIASA web. In some instances there are only slides, but in other instances both the slides and recording are available. Topics addressed include: Open Access, User Experience, Gmail & Google Groups, Google Forms, Blogs, Twitter and many more.

IT Hint 1: What happens to my emails?

Sometimes it happens that expected emails don’t reach you. Regularly check your Junk E-mail folder in Microsoft Outlook, or related/similar folder in other email clients.

IT Hint 2: Delay delivery of an email

It sometimes happen that you would like to schedule an email to only go out to the recipients sometime in future. This can be because you are concerned that you will forget to send out certain information or that you will be running out of time, or because certain repetitive communications need to go out as part of your work or responsibilities/planning. An example is when people need to be reminded to submit reports on selected dates, when you want to send out a reminder to your users before each public holiday to remind them that the library will be closed, or when you like the human touch and send birthday wishes to all your users on their birthdays. Compile the emails in advance and all at once, and then specify the date and time on which it must be released to the recipients.

To delay an email to go out on a certain date and time, do the following (for Microsoft Outlook): New Email  >>  Options  >>  Delay Delivery. Then complete the following:


This email will remain in your Outbox, and will only be sent/delivered on the date and time specified on the form above.

Professional looking presentation designs for LIASA

LIASA being a professional body takes pride in adhering to professional standards. Following a need expressed before, a few PowerPoint presentation templates were designed for LIASA. You are most welcome to use and to share with your committees etc., to use during LIASA associated events. Please also give input should you want to improve any of the templates.

They can be downloaded from the LIASA Web  >>  Document Library  >>  Forms & Templates (last item on list):

Template 1 – Template 2 – Template 3

The Master Templates can also be edited, once downloaded on your computer.

Call for papers: Inaugural Conference of the Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa
Contributed by Ingrid Thomson

Take note of the call for papers (presentations and pre-conference workshops) for the mentioned conference, that will be taking place at Stellenbosch University from 17 to 20 January 2017. Proposals from any particular discipline within the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Computer Studies reflecting on issues and projects in the domain of Digital Humanities are invited. We hope that librarians from all over the country will grasp this opportunity to demonstrate and share experiences. For inquiries, please contact or

HELIG on Social Media

Apart from our communiques and regular emails – we have a very active social media network where we regularly post interesting articles and news related to the HELIG sub-system. Please like or follow us to stay up to date by clicking on any of the following:

Invitation to a Library Carpentry Workshop

NeDICC in collaboration with the North-West University and Talarify will be hosting a Library Carpentry Workshop. Typical content included in a Library Carpentry workshop includes:  lesson design and contribution to allow further development of materials relevant to the South African Library Community, basic computational skills (including “jargon busting” and regular expressions), the Linux shell (using command line tools to mine tabulated data and work with text), version control (git and GitHub for version control, publishing, and collaborating), and OpenRefine (for cleaning data and more). No prior programming experience needed.

Dates: 25 & 26 August 2016

Time: 9:00 – 17:00 daily

Venue: CSIR, Pretoria Campus

Cost: R1 000.00 p/p (VAT excluded)



Also in this range: Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry.

Series of HELIG Information Literacy Workshops

The series of IL workshops in HE for this year, under leadership of Ingrid Thomson and HELIG Conveners within the various Branches, will come to an end this coming month, with the last workshop prior to conference to be presented by the Gauteng North Branch on 31 August 2016. Thank you to all the HELIG Conveners in the Branches for the great work you’ve been doing in creating these interventions:

  • Western Cape HELIG Convener – Yusuf Ras
  • KwaZulu-Natal HELIG Convener – Shirleen Neerputh
  • Gauteng North HELIG Convener – Gerda Ehlers

The outcomes of the workshops will feed into the Information Literacy Round Table (Friday 14 October 8:30-10:00) during LIASA Conference.

Upcoming HELIG activities this month

This is a busy month on the LIASA calendar in terms of AGMs and elections! You can support your Branch by actively participating in the voting of new BECs and in attending the AGMs.

  • 2 August: Call for HELIG nominations
  • 3 August: SA Elections
  • 5 August: Gauteng North AGM
  • 8 August: School Holiday
  • 9 August: Woman’s Day
  • 11 August: Mpumalanga AGM
  • 13-19 August: IFLA Congress
  • 14 August: Closing date for nominations for National Office Bearers
  • 16 August: Western Cape AGM
  • 17 August: North-West AGM
  • 19 August: Limpopo AGM
  • 19 August: Eastern Cape AGM
  • 19 August: KZN HELIG Publishing Workshop: How to write a research paper
  • 19 August: Close of call for HELIG nominations
  • 24 August: Free State AGM
  • 25 August: Gauteng South AGM
  • 26 August: KwaZulu-Natal AGM
  • 31 August: LIASA Conference Normal Registration Closing Date
  • 31 August: Gauteng North (HELIG) Information Literacy Workshop

Note that Interest Group AGMs will be held during Conference, as indicated on the conference programme.

Visit LIASA Events for a comprehensive list of activities for the month of August.

Upcoming Conferences

With kind regards


LIASA Exco Convener ICT Development (2014-2016)
LIASA HELIG Chair (2014-2016)


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