LIASA HELIG April 2016 Communique

Dear HELIG Colleagues

April is Freedom Month!

South Africa celebrates Freedom Month during April. April will forever resonate in the history of our nation as the month that saw the first democratic elections in 1994 that gave birth to freedom and constitutional democracy in South Africa. This election marked a turning point that saw the previously disadvantaged become part of the South African political processes, and more. Our country belongs to all who live in it. Read more.

The following a great reflection from South Africans for Change by Boipelo Mabe. I could not help to think that – as librarians – we also play a huge role in encouraging and supporting our students to reach their dreams and to address injustices of the past. Thank you for all your hard work!

“Some months ago when I told my dad I wanted to pursue my Masters Degree he wasn’t really sure what it was or why I needed it but he supported me anyway. The other day he came to me with some interesting questions about my thesis question & if I’m gonna do PhD… *the look on my face* after a few seconds of silence & realising what had happened we both burst out in laughter …
My dad who didn’t get the opportunity to complete High School, who spends most of his days in a taxi, took time to find out about all this “stuff” his daughter is doing. Yes it’s all new to him & probably embarrassing to have to ask but he did it anyway… What he hadn’t realised though (& I am glad he finally did!) is that he’s always been the inspiration behind all my educational endeavors and more!”

More events during April 2016

Please visit the LIASA Online Calendar for a list of activities planned for this month. Also start preparing for the May seminars. More information will be shared via liasaonline soon. Information on upcoming HELIG webinars will go out as separate emails. Thanks to all who contributed topics and who indicated they are prepared to present.

LIASA HELIG InfoLit Curriculum for HE/Research Crowdsourcing Activity

We would like to invite all HE librarians to assist us with crowdsourcing a document, and to list all possible topics important to teach as part of an Information Literacy Curriculum. At this stage you are welcome to add the information in an informal way – just help us identify important skills/tools our students on all levels need to be taught when studying.

This document will be open for brain storm until 15 September 2016, after which it will be structured more formally, and then again be open for input by all. We would like to invite all Branches having workshops on IL to contribute to this document, following the outcome of the workshops. Individuals can contribute any time. Please add your name and Branch name to the end of the document, so that you can be acknowledged when finished. You are welcome to contribute anonymously if preferred.

Please save the following dates dates – upcoming workshops on IL:

Ultimately, we would like to work towards a broad curriculum framework for IL which can be used to guide all with teaching IL. This is your document, which will belong to all. Please contribute! We value all input, and there is no right or wrong – we are all learning and building as we go along.

Access the document from Google Docs.

ICT Development Capacity Building Workshop

We had a great ICT Development workshop on Friday 1 April, attended by librarians from various sectors. The tools we worked with included Google Groups, Google Mail, Google Forms, WordPress and Webinars. Time was limited, and we hope to have many more of these workshops before this term expires in October 2016. The workshop only allowed for 10 participants, and was presented by Ina & Annamarie, on behalf of LIASA HELIG. Each participant received a manual, and a very nice professional looking LIASA Certificate.

A workshop on digital citizenship for librarians will both be presented during the SLYSIG and LIASA conferences later this year.

LIASA Professional Body Status

More information is available on the web. Nominated members to serve on the PBS Board has been invited, and some of them already accepted. More information will be shared via liasaonline.

A web presence has also been created for NCLIS. Where LIASA is a professional body, NCLIS is the statutory body for the LIS community. A statutory body can address salary issues, libraries burning down, working conditions and more. Please visit the web page for contact details and other information. The next NCLIS meeting is scheduled for 19 July 2016. LIASA is also represented on NCLIS.

HELIG Membership

Many thanks to Kagiso for making available the HELIG membership numbers up to date! We are still the biggest IG within LIASA, and our numbers have increased even further:

4 March 2016: 275 / 114

4 April 2016: 328 (1st choice) / 144 (2nd choice)

In total, 53 (1st choice) + 30 (2nd choice): 83 members added in one month!

This is excellent! Thanks colleagues for supporting LIASA HELIG. All mailing list requests can be posted to Ingrid Thomson, Chair-elect:

Hope you all have a wonderful month, and please communicate any news, requests, participate wherever you can! Keep our profession alive, and take it even further forward.

Kind regards


LIASA Exco Convener ICT Development (2014-2016)
LIASA HELIG Chair (2014-2016)


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